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iPage Review: iPage is one of the best Web Hosting and today we’re sharing our honest iPage Review. Please go through this complete iPage Review in order to know its merits and demerits.

iPage Review

ipage review
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iPage Review

A major player in the web hosting providing realm since 1998, iPage has distinguished itself from fellow competitors via a variety of ways and tools which have truly earned it its stop in the top 10 highest rated web hosting providers in the world.

Any company’s ability to achieve half of the things that iPage during its decade-long course of action would count as impressive, especially amidst a heavily competitive market such as web hosting.

iPage offers its clients the most simple and unique solutions and utilizes the latest in technology in addition to cutting-edge tools in order to enhance the experience of their customers by supporting and fostering their ability to retain flexibility and individuality within their online presence.

A fully customizable online experience is but mere clicks away because iPage offers its clientele various software applications and other tools which ensure that any necessary changes, implementations or any other processes related to the website can be managed in order to ensure that it truly captures the persona or the brand essence depending on the website’s nature.

The professional and dedicated customer support team is one of the other main perks which iPage boasts within its arsenal.

Comprising fully of knowledgeable members who are more than qualified to aid and see you through any problems which may arise, these individuals are on call 24/7 and all year round, ensuring that all your questions get their respective answers almost immediately.

One of the other main distinguishing features of iPage’s products is the simplistic design and ease-of-use of their products which ensure that they are not out of reach for anyone with the desire to build and manage their own website.

The various and regular upgrades and improvements to their products are another bonus from which they clientele can benefit.

iPage Review – Hosting Features

  • 24/7 e-mail, chat and phone support
  • Fully customizable spam filters
  • Control Panel for web hosting
  • Site traffic statistics Personalized Domain name
  • Experienced professional staff for technical support
  • Unlimited access to online marketing guides
  • Free toll-free numbers for US-based residents and/or businesses
  • $50 credit for advertising on Facebook
  • Web building tools which are fully customizable
  • Unlimited domains allowed
  • Free online store
  • Free Yellowpages.com listing
  • Unlimited disk space and Bandwidth
  • 24/7 monitoring of all networks
  • Malware and Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • virus scanners
  • Integration of PayPal
  • $75 credit for Google AdWords
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • The E-mail address at your own personal domain
  • Unlimited Transfer/Website building tools which are template-base

iPage Web Hosting Reliability

iPage as a service is unique for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the most important one is the guaranteed reliability of their easy-to-use products which utilize the latest technology and provide the best tools in the trade for the customers for the purposes of website creation, enhancement, operation, and management.

Their famous control panel has garnered much acclaim from the IT community in late years, due to its extreme simplicity despite housing radically revolutionary technology which makes even the least tech-savvy individuals more than capable of fully operating and running their own online domain.

The rigorous and regular testing which iPage engages in for its products is another trademark which distinguishes it from the competition, ensuring that any bugs, patches or unwanted material are removed and that all necessary improvements are directly implemented; many of which are the direct result of customer feedback, which is extremely valued at iPage.

The various perks and bonuses which are offered in addition to their main services only function to sweeten the deal even further, providing free-of-charge malware and virus detection software, PC backups and search engine optimization tools and much more for their most valued clients.

Reliability is not far from reach with iPage, especially with a customer support team like the one they pride themselves in.

Operating on a 24/7 basis with toll-free numbers for US residents, this team is exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated to their mission; to aid, help and give assistance to any clients who may require it and to see through their issues and problems, going through them step-by-step in a manner that ensures both their dedication as well as the customers’ satisfaction.

The tools which are provided by iPage also ensure that a fully customizable, flexible and individualistic experience online is at hand as the various management tools allow the user to implement any changes and additions onto their website to reflect upon themselves or their product, distinguishing it from other similar ones and setting it apart as the unique snowflake it really is.

An additional guarantee of reliability is also evident in their decision to use only the best equipment which provides the fastest loading times, as well as guarantee minimal interruption to services while providing unlimited disk space for all their clients.

iPage Review – Web Hosting Support

The unlimited support which iPage provides for its customers is nothing short of extraordinary, offering customer support hotlines which operate on a 24/7 basis for the benefit of their clients and operates around the world, even offering toll-free numbers to individuals and businesses originating in the USA.

The true magnitude of support is evident in how knowledgeable and experienced the customer support staff is regarding the various products and services, their inner workings, and the many possible solutions and recommendations to any problems which may arise.

Customer support members are variously thorough and will walk the client through the problem from start to finish, ensuring the call is not over without the problem having been solved.

The staff undergoes rigorous monitoring throughout calls with customers and endures various regular tests that are set up to ensure their continued familiarity with all of iPage’s services and products to guarantee that they continue to provide positive assistance with every call.

All calls to iPage are expected to be picked up in under 2 minutes with very rare exceptions during peak traffic times.

The equipment and services at iPage also undergo a lot of monitoring and testing to ensure all equipment is up to par and that all software applications are debugged and without issues in a manner that guarantees utmost customer satisfaction.

Much of the customer feedback is taken seriously into consideration when implementing changes unto the software and tools; this is an effort guided at ensuring that not only that the tools provide the customer with a customizable experience, but that the customer essentially customized the tool through time.

iPage Web Hosting Control Panel

One of the main distinguishing features of iPage from other web hosting providers is its unique control panel.

This amazing tool gives the user unrestricted control over their website, in terms of creation, management, enhancement and operation of all processes.

The uniqueness of this tool is not just in its ability to allow all of these processes through the one-jack-of-all-trades tool, but rather, because of its absolutely beautiful simplicity.

This simplicity allows even those who are not tech-savvy and even technologically challenged to become experts at website creation and management is very little time without the need for guidance or aid.

The various tutorials attached to the tool will walk the customer through its various features and aid them in becoming quickly familiar with how to use it to create a fully customizable website.

The tool is so simple to use in fact, you will find no need to call customer support or browse through the brochure, it basically operates itself!

The control panel allows the user other features of control over their website, this includes viewings of error and access logs, real-time updates of all visitor and website traffic, high-performance load-balanced servers and other numerous benefits which basically ensure that their website receives the best care it deserves.

The tool grants God-like control over all the processes of the website, with additional perks by providing the user with an easy-to-use tool that is simultaneously cutting edge.

The control panel also features a bonus feature which includes enhanced security systems that come at an extra fee for those with a requirement for advanced security measures on their website.

The control panel is accompanied by hordes of review pages, FAQs, and tutorials that vouch for its importance and astounding abilities in giving the user the unlimited power of their website with a simple and easy-to-use tool which also utilizes cutting-edge technology to the users’ benefit.

The control panel is the tool that one needs to create a website that puts them ahead of the competition and truly set them as unique in the online world.

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iPage Guarantees

iPage comes with plenty of guarantees to ensure its potential customers that choosing iPage is the right way to go.

The guarantees are nothing short of exceptional in themselves and they include publicly announced partnerships and affiliate relationships with giants the likes of Google and Yahoo!

This type of relationship with mogul corporations ensures that the users of iPage receive higher listings on search engines in terms of their websites as well as many additional perks related to Google itself.

Credit for advertisement purchasing is also one of the other bonuses offered to the clients of iPage and is even extended to encompass social networking mogul, Facebook.

The lowly price of $2.95 per month for the use of iPage’s products and services is the ultimate guarantee that iPage does not shy away from providing the best quality service and products in its market for the best competitive price there is today.

iPage is a major advocate of the “Go Green” cause which aims to lower and eradicate carbon emissions by businesses and individuals.

This is why the company heavily invests in renewable power cards which allow for the company to achieve the eradication of carbon emissions amount up to 2,600 metric tonnes per year.

The use of their services gives your website the distinction of being a “green” website, meaning that your financial contribution to iPage’s business is a contribution to saving the planet and the human race as well as many other creatures which are affected each year by the growing carbon emissions and the increasing problem of global warming.

iPage Disadvantages

The main disadvantage which concerns iPage’s services and products relates to the aforementioned enhanced security suite which is highly coveted by various business-oriented websites and is not included in the basic monthly fee.

The $100 extra perk may very well be the only disadvantage of this otherwise great web hosting provider.

The enhanced security suite is of vital importance to many websites that operate by exchanging money online using PayPal accounts, housing extremely sensitive personal information, thus requiring much more advanced security to ensure no breaches.

The other various services and products provided by iPage are otherwise without flaw or blemish and can be counted for providing you with the absolute best experience and services in relation to web hosting.

Can I trust iPage Web Hosting?

Trusting iPage as a web hosting provider is a matter of asking yourself whether or not their dedicated and professional and 100 % committed technical support teams, astoundingly amazing and easy-to-use tools, as well as additional perks and affiliates, are enough of an insurance policy for you to trust the company.

It is a simple question of asking yourself whether or not you feel that iPage is the perfect company for you, and we know it most definitely is for us.

Conclusion about iPage Review

I’d hope you liked our iPage Review and now you can know its actual quality and decide whether to buy iPage or not.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this iPage Review in the comment section below.

iPage Review – Affordable Web Hosting provider
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